Yummy!!!!! Eat here and enjoy! :)

by Emily

Awesome Indian food! I've eaten at several Indian restaurants and not many can compare. the chicken tikka masala is amazing!

by Nicole

"I'm a bit of a novice to Indian food but this place was suggested by a friend and she was certainly right! The food was wonderful. Great flavors without any overwhelming spices. Prices are very good and the wait staff was polite, quick, and responsive. The owner happened to be in when I went and he is a very friendly guy. Large variety of food, meats, and preparations available and the staff, although all speak English as a second language, are willing and able to explain any dish. "

by Daniel Taylor-

I had been wanting to go to this place for quite a while to check out their buffet. I had been to two Indian restaurants where the food was good and a buffet that wasn't so good. My parents had been to an Indian restaurant once and my father walked away saying he didn't want to try anything that had "curry". My girlfriend had never been to an Indian restaurant before but she was worried when I told her it was spicy. Apparently she didn't hear me say it wasn't going to be spicy hot. We all loved this place and we look forward to a return visit. In my role as "food guide" for this visit I explained to my father what "curry" is and told him he ate more curry than he realized. Everyone also seemed to understand my explanation of the depths of flavor that the variety of spices provide. It was really cool. It was nice when the waiter brought us two baskets of hot fresh naan then it was even better when we later brought us another basket of it. Mmmmm.

"The service is great, super friendly staff....always brining out items and telling us about items we need to try. Great vegetarian selection as well. So friendly that I want to go back over and over just because of the service. As far as the food goes, I have been all over the usa (48 states) and this is the best Indian food I have had! Its the perfect blend of spices, so delicious. If you havnt tried Indian food, give it a shot, there is something for everyone!!!!!‎"

By Vegan Samples

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